The last week of March marked the final days of curling for the Mayflower Monday and Wednesday morning league.  Feedback from the curlers suggest it was another great season and they all enjoy playing in these two daytime leagues - the competitiveness; the recreation and above all the social time spent with fellow curlers.

    Kevin and Mike did a stellar job again this year arranging the Monday morning league.  The new format of mixing the competitive and recreational league games together seemed to work well and was generally well received by all the players.   The final games of the Monday spring season wrapped up with a fun day of curling.  Rick and Mike introduced us all to “Newfie” curling rules that certainly brought a different and fun challenge to the game of curling.  Amazingly all the games ended in a tie!!!

    Hats off to Rick, Jim and Dave for their continued dedication to the organizing of the Wednesday morning league.  Rick’s suggestion to have the Skips pick their teams for the January to April games using a random draw method was a new approach that seemed to work well and provided a fairer means of selecting the teams.

    The success of the morning leagues is due in large part to the number of volunteers who help with the various tasks.  In addition to organizing the Monday morning league, Mike and Kevin also took on the task of organizing the “Chistmas” and the “End of Season” banquets – a job well done.  A big Thank-you also goes out to all the other volunteers who assisted Luke on a regular basis to get the ice ready for play and others who served as bar tenders each morning. We have the new Club caterer - James (and all of his staff) to thank for the tasty food we enjoyed for lunch each Monday (and some Wednesdays).   

    The 2018 Spring Slam has come and gone.  Thank you again for joining us at another great event!

    Congratulations to our 2018 Champions: Team Kendall Thompson - Kendal Thompson (Skip), Mike Richardson (Mate), Diana Trider (Second), Nora Clark (Lead)

    Spring Slam Champs

    By: Jocelyn Adams, Communications Chair, 2015-2016 Board of Directors

    Position: Skip
    Throws: Right
    Current Team: Team MacDougall (Rob Moore, Kris Granchelli, Kevin Ouellette), also Mixed Doubles and Mixed
    Years Curled: 27
    Hometown: Sydney, Nova Scotia
    Curling Highlight(s): 2013 NS Curling Association Men's Player of the Year, 2-time NS
    Mixed Curling Champion, 2013 Canadian Mixed National (Finalist), 2013 Most Sportsmanlike
    Awards and 2013 All-Star Skip at Mixed Nationals, 3-time Canada Post National Curling

    Q & A

    Mayflower: How did you first become interested in the sport?
    Brent: Through work at Canada Post. Work had a league and I was asked to play.

    Mayflower: When did you know you wanted to play at an elite level?
    Brent: After my first game I realized how difficult a sport it was and was immediately challenged and wanted to be the best that I could be.

    Mayflower: Who has been the most influential in your curling career?
    Brent: Diz McNeil from Sydney, NS. At that time he was the best curler in Cape Breton.

    Mayflower: What curler inspired you the most growing up?
    Brent: Ed Werenich

    Mayflower: Prior to provincials, what spiels did your team enter this past fall?
    Brent: Lakeshore, New Glasgow Sobeys, Gatineau Doubletree bonspiel, Dave Jones Mayflower
    Classic, Windsor Spitfire Cashspiel, Jimmy Sullivan Classic (Saint John, NB),

    Mayflower: Any particular highlights?
    Brent: Yes, we won the Lakeshore Cashspiel, and in the Gatineau Cashspiel we beat Team Canada (Pat Simmonds) on last rock. Made it to the men's final eight for provincials.

    Mayflower: What is your goal for the upcoming curling season?
    Brent: To win a Cashspiel and qualify for men's provincials again, and ultimately go the 'big show' (the brier!)

    : Skip
    Throws: Right
    Current Team: Team Brothers
    Years Curled: 23
    Hometown: Liverpool now Halifax, Nova Scotia
    Curling Highlights: Canadian Jr Champion, World Silver Medalist, Canadian Mixed Champion, 2 time Scotties Provincial Champion

    Jill Brothers (top left), Sarah Murphy (mate), Bliss Joyce (second), Terri Udle (lead), Jennifer Brince (fifth)

    Mayflower: How did you first become interested in the sport?
    My older sister started playing so naturally I had to be just like her

    Mayflower:When did you know you wanted to play at an elite level?
    At 13 I reached the final four in the provincial play-downs and since then I’ve been going after the provincial title every year.

    Mayflower: Who has been the most influential in your curling career?
    It has to be my Mom. She didn’t know a thing about curling when we started playing but thanks to her dedication, I’ve been able to travel the world to compete and accomplish my goals.

    Mayflower: What curler inspired you the most growing up?
    There hasn’t been one specific curler that has inspired me, more like a combination. At my first junior nationals Suzanne Birt (PEI) and Brad Gushue (NL) won the titles making me realize that maybe it wasn’t impossible for me to win. Meredith Doyle (NS) had also won just a few years before that. Seeing east coast curlers doing well inspired me!

    Mayflower: Where did we see your team this fall?
    Dave Jones Classic (Mayflower), Lady Monctonain (Moncton), Appleton Cashspiel (Lakeshore), Sobeys Classic (New Glasgow)

    Mayflower: What is your goal for the 2015-2016 curling season?
    Win the Nova Scotia Provincial Scotties and surpass my other records at the national championship.

    Submitted by,
    Jocelyn Adams,
    Communications Chair, 2015-2016 Board of Directors

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