Season Wrap - Mon/Wed Day Curling



    The last week of March marked the final days of curling for the Mayflower Monday and Wednesday morning league.  Feedback from the curlers suggest it was another great season and they all enjoy playing in these two daytime leagues - the competitiveness; the recreation and above all the social time spent with fellow curlers.

    Kevin and Mike did a stellar job again this year arranging the Monday morning league.  The new format of mixing the competitive and recreational league games together seemed to work well and was generally well received by all the players.   The final games of the Monday spring season wrapped up with a fun day of curling.  Rick and Mike introduced us all to “Newfie” curling rules that certainly brought a different and fun challenge to the game of curling.  Amazingly all the games ended in a tie!!!

    Hats off to Rick, Jim and Dave for their continued dedication to the organizing of the Wednesday morning league.  Rick’s suggestion to have the Skips pick their teams for the January to April games using a random draw method was a new approach that seemed to work well and provided a fairer means of selecting the teams.

    The success of the morning leagues is due in large part to the number of volunteers who help with the various tasks.  In addition to organizing the Monday morning league, Mike and Kevin also took on the task of organizing the “Chistmas” and the “End of Season” banquets – a job well done.  A big Thank-you also goes out to all the other volunteers who assisted Luke on a regular basis to get the ice ready for play and others who served as bar tenders each morning. We have the new Club caterer - James (and all of his staff) to thank for the tasty food we enjoyed for lunch each Monday (and some Wednesdays).   


    Although the Club remained open well into April, many of the daytime curlers also enjoy warm sunny weather and feel compelled to head to southern climates before the end of the curling season.  This tends to reduce the available players for many of the teams at year end and played havoc with the Wednesday morning “end of season” four team payoff schedule whereby Team Larsen and Team Barton were unfortunately eliminated due to lack of players.

    Congratulations to Team Ripley  for winning the 2017/2018 Monday morning league with 14 wins and 2 losses; to Team Woodworth for winning the Wednesday morning Fall/Winter session play – defeating Team Dalziel, and Team Dalziel in their win over Team Woodworth in the Wednesday Winter/Spring session play.  Below are the trophy presentation photos (and others) that were taken this past year.


    Above: an anxious crowd watching a final game between Team Woodworth and Team Dalziel at the Fall/Winter 2017 closing event. 


    Above: Rick Kelley presenting the winning trophy to Team Woodworth. (L-R) Mike Howard – Mate; Rick Kelly and Ross Woodworth (Skip). Missing from photo are: Larry MacDonald (2nd) and Barb Hopkin (Lead).


    Above: Rick Kelly (Left) presenting trophy to Team Dalziel. Players (L-R) Don Lavigueur (Second); Karen Romkey – Mate; Hugh Dalziel – Skip; and Cathy Chapman - Lead (Sparing for Susan Drysdale).


    Above: Wednesday Morning league Skips selecting the 2018 spring session teams.

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    Founded in 1905, the Mayflower Curling Club is a landmark in Halifax's rich history. In 1912 the ice shed was used as a morgue for victims of the infamous Titanic sinking, and just five years later the club was destroyed in the devastating Halifax explosion. The Mayflower, which houses six sheets of ice for leagues of all levels, is one of the most well-known clubs in Canada. We embrace all levels of curling from beginners to competitive and we hope to see you on the ice soon.