By: Jocelyn Adams, Communications Chair, 2015-2016 Board of Directors

Position: Skip
Throws: Right
Current Team: Team MacDougall (Rob Moore, Kris Granchelli, Kevin Ouellette), also Mixed Doubles and Mixed
Years Curled: 27
Hometown: Sydney, Nova Scotia
Curling Highlight(s): 2013 NS Curling Association Men's Player of the Year, 2-time NS
Mixed Curling Champion, 2013 Canadian Mixed National (Finalist), 2013 Most Sportsmanlike
Awards and 2013 All-Star Skip at Mixed Nationals, 3-time Canada Post National Curling

Q & A

Mayflower: How did you first become interested in the sport?
Brent: Through work at Canada Post. Work had a league and I was asked to play.

Mayflower: When did you know you wanted to play at an elite level?
Brent: After my first game I realized how difficult a sport it was and was immediately challenged and wanted to be the best that I could be.

Mayflower: Who has been the most influential in your curling career?
Brent: Diz McNeil from Sydney, NS. At that time he was the best curler in Cape Breton.

Mayflower: What curler inspired you the most growing up?
Brent: Ed Werenich

Mayflower: Prior to provincials, what spiels did your team enter this past fall?
Brent: Lakeshore, New Glasgow Sobeys, Gatineau Doubletree bonspiel, Dave Jones Mayflower
Classic, Windsor Spitfire Cashspiel, Jimmy Sullivan Classic (Saint John, NB),

Mayflower: Any particular highlights?
Brent: Yes, we won the Lakeshore Cashspiel, and in the Gatineau Cashspiel we beat Team Canada (Pat Simmonds) on last rock. Made it to the men's final eight for provincials.

Mayflower: What is your goal for the upcoming curling season?
Brent: To win a Cashspiel and qualify for men's provincials again, and ultimately go the 'big show' (the brier!)

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