Junior Curling Profile: Matthew Manuel | January 2016

Position: Skip
Throws: Right
Current Team: Team Manuel are the champions of the 2016 Nova Scotia Men's Junior Provincial which was held on January 31, 2015. They defeated Chester’s Adam Cocks 8-4 in the final. The team includes, Matthew Manuel (skip), Nick Zachernuk (mate), Ryan Abraham (second) and Alec Cameron (lead). The team will move on to represent Nova Scotia at the 2016 Canadian Junior Championship in Statford, Ontario starting on January 23, 2016.
Years Curled: 12
Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Curling Highlights: 2015 Canadian Junior National in Corner Brook, 2015 Canada Winter Games

Matthew Manuel, Nick Zachernuk, Ryan Abraham, Alec Cameron and Stu Cameron (coach).

Mayflower: How did you first become interested in the sport?
Answer: When I was younger I used to sit behind the glass and watch my parents play at the club, and I was always eager to get out and try it myself.

Mayflower: When did you know you wanted to play at an elite level?
After watching the 2011 Canada games qualifier our team decided that we should stick together and play for the 2015 Canada games. We set that goal, and I knew then I wanted to work hard to achieve

Mayflower: Who has been the most influential in your curling career?
Our teams coach Stu Cameron has been a huge key to all our teams’ success. He has taught myself a lot about all aspects of the game, and has helped me get where I am today.

Mayflower: What curler inspired you the most growing up?
I loved watching Kevin Martin. He really knew how to call a great game, play to his teammates strengths, and he could always draw to the lid when the game was on the line.

Mayflower: Where did we see your team this fall?
We played a lot this fall, but to name a few we were at the Lakeshore men’s Cashspiel, the Ottawa Valley Junior Superspiel, the Oakisland Junior Cashspiel, and the U-21 Nova Scotia Junior Provincial.

Mayflower: Tell me about winning the NS Junior Men’s Provincial?
Winning the junior provincial is the goal we set for ourselves at the beginning of the season and its super special to defend the title. Winning a second one is even more special then the first.

Mayflower: How did you meet this goal?
A lot of practice leading up to the provincial got us feeling ready for the event. We performed extremely well all week long and stayed calm under the pressure.

Mayflower: What is your goal for the 2015-2016 curling season?
Now that we have won the provincial we are looking to go to Junior Nationals and improve on our record from last year. After this I will be playing with the Dalhousie curling team at the Atlantic University curling championships in February with the hopes of qualifying for the CIS University National to be held in Kelowna at the end of March.

Submitted by,
Jocelyn Adams,
Communications Chair, 2015-2016 Board of Directors

Congratulations Team Manuel!

Congratulations, Team Manuel, on winning the NS Junior Men's Championship!

The team will represent Nova Scotia at the Canadian Junior Championships in Stratford, Ontario.  Team Fay is the Junior Women's representative.


L-R: Alec Cameron, Ryan Abraham, Stu Cameron, Nick Zachernuk, Matthew Manuel

The Positive Impact of Volunteers at the Mayflower Curling Club

By: Scott Moulton, Property & Ice Chair

It takes many volunteers for a curling club to successfully prepare for a curling season. Thus was the case this summer. We started out with 60 projects that needed to be completed to get the club in shape for another curling season.

Currently, our ice is installed earlier than most clubs (mid August), a lot of the projects were time sensitive and had to be performed quickly and expediently. From changing all 288 florescent bulbs in the ice shed to installing the dividers (all of the 55 boards had to be sanded to smooth out the sharp edges) to carpet cleaning the carpet in the ice shed and both the upstairs and down stairs lounge area, the volunteers chipped in and helped supply the energy and enthusiasm to complete these tasks. These are just a few of the projects that our volunteers completed this summer.

In doing so, the club was able to reduce expenses in an attempt to manage our financial requirements.

Of course there were projects where we hired service providers to provide maintenance on things such as the two dehumidifiers in the ice shed, fixing the Aluma-Zorb on the ceiling in the ice shed, fixing the cameras and monitors, servicing the brine plant, chiller and other plant related machinery, servicing the three liquid gas furnaces, as well as fixing many electrical issues throughout the club.

There have been a number of improvements in the ice shed such as installing dividers, flipping the curling stones and re-texturing them to trying new techniques in supplying and improving the curling ice. Jamie Danbrook and his team of Adam Mckerihen and Brendan Lavell have been and will continue to be focused on providing the best ice possible for our members.

A big shout out to Dale Hutchinson, who has been busy this past summer providing the day to day maintenance that keeps our club in tip top shape.

A hearty thanks to our hard working and ever cheerful club manager, Melanie Hughes who keeps everything together in providing day to day management to keep our club running in these challenging times.

Spring Slam Winners!

The Mayflower Spring Slam wrapped up on Saturday, April 12 with some exciting final games!

Many thanks to the following:

The sponsors: Steele Subaru and Capital Paper - thanks for your support!

The event committee: Brett Stacey, Celina Thompson, Malcolm Darnley, Luke Evans and John Luckhurst - without whose ideas and enthusiasm the event would not have taken place.

The curlers: All 96 of you!

Listed below are the winners:

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