President's Message | Spring 2016

By Susan Crooks, 2016 Past-President, Board of Directors
As our 2015-16 curling season has come to an end, we have much to celebrate! Many of our MCC teams, of which we are extremely proud, successfully advanced to represent our province at the National level in a variety of divisions. In addition, due to the dedication of our invaluable volunteers, we’ve hosted top notch events such as the Dave Jones Cash Spiel, the Polar Express, the combined Scotties and Tankard and a number of club based events such as the 45th Bahamas and Spring Slam. Yet to take place is the exciting new Classic Mixed Bonspiel Chaired by Joe Baker set to kick off next season from September 30-October 2, 2016.

We’ve made major inroads in providing better ice; curtailed club expenses; implemented a process of collecting feedback through on-line surveys; improved our on-line communications; established a club rental policy; enjoyed a very successful food catering service; seen an increase in enrollment in our Learn to Curl program and ice rentals and implemented a fun-fundraiser in the “Chase the Button” campaign, (thanks to Colleen Reimer) to name a few.

However, we’ve much yet to accomplish in our pursuit of establishing long term sustainability of our beloved Mayflower Curling Club. To that end, we will be holding a weekend- long “Strategic Planning Workshop” this spring. The plan is to define our vision for the future, determine our goals and establish more updated in-depth guidelines for improvement of club operations and communications in keeping with the current national trend of viewing “Curling as a Business”.

In closing, I wish to extend my sincerest thank-you to Melanie, the staff, and especially those dedicated members who willingly volunteer their time and talents on a regular basis to ensure the Mayflower Curling Club continues to operate efficiently on our behalf.

Enjoy your remaining few weeks of rock throwing!

Hurry Hard!

MCC 45th Bahamas Bonspiel

By: Susan Crooks, 2016 Past-President Board of Directors, Bahamas Co-Chair

The club recently held our 45th Bahamas Bonspiel. The spiel proved to be great fun for the 50 plus members who participated. New friends, great shots, super food, prizes and memories to cherish characterized this annual event.

Special thanks to the following committee volunteers who helped make this event a reality:

Co-Chairs Sue Crooks & Bonnie Anderson; Draw: Jack Robar & Bonnie: Hot Shots: Scott Moulton; Music Trivia Steve Smith; Advertising: Mandy Grace & Jocelyn Adams; Logistics: Melanie Hughes; Decorating: Heather Salmon, Margery Cotterell, Sherry Mowat, Nora Clark & Sue; Team Photos: Rick Crooks; Bahamas Theme Night: Sue & Catherine Walsh; Sponsor solicitation: Jason Cooke, Mary Barton, Theresa Crocker, Rosemary Beck, Sharon Low, Sue & Bonnie; Chase The Button: Jim Kavanagh; Food: RCC & John Luckhurst. In addition, thanks to the bar & kitchen staff and especially to “Dale” for his technical support and assistance behind the scenes! Well done!

Congratulations to the 45th Bahamas Main Event Winners:   Skip: Dalyce Wilson; Mate: Jim Kavanagh; Second: Stephen Ritcey & Lead: Judy Jackson. Awesome!

Summary of Winners: 45th Bahamas 2016

Event Place Skip Mate Second Lead
Main Event 1 Dalyce Wilson Jim Kavanagh Stephen Ritcey Judy Jackson
Runner-up 2

Jean l


Heidi Cullinan Mary Ellen Shea Mike Trenaman
Little Bahamas 3 Brad Wilson James Richardson Marian Kelly Rick Walsh
Runner-up 4 Heather Salmon Daniel Saulnier Barb Hopkin James Weatherby
Division I 5 Carolyn Kavanagh Kim McDonah Gerry Cameron Bob Huish
Runner-up 6 Gary Legassie Catherine Walsh Rick Kelly Nora Clark
Division II 7 Bruce Mahar Theresa Crocker Larry Oake Edith MacAulay
Runner-up 8 Sharon Low Pam Marshall Scott Burke Diane Letourneau
Division III 9 Peter Scriven Tom Shea Faith Piccolo Judd Wilson
Runner-up 10 Steve Ewart Sue Crooks Susan Drysdale Mike McDonah
11 Steve Smith Kim Whytock Linda Mackenzie Pat Arthur
12 Steve Mallett John Murphy Larry MacDonald Susan Roper

Winners Circle: Congrats to:

-Hot Shots: 1st Kim McDonah; 2nd: Mike Trenaman 3rd Brad Wilson

-Nova Scotian Crystal: Curling Stone (raffle) –.................. Jim Kavanagh

-Catherine Beck Earrings: (random draw) ........................Sharon Low

-Hog Line Draw- ($50.00) - .................................................Pat Arthur

-Rock- Paper- Scissor Champ: (RCC gift card).................. Bob Huish

-Limbo Champ: (Rum Cake) ..............................................Dalyce Wilson

-Hula Hoop Champ: (Rum Cake)........................... .............Theresa Crocker

-Bahamian Coconut Curling Champ: (Rum Cake) ...........Steve Ewart

-Best Dressed Bahamas Theme: ( Chicken Burger G.C.) ...Carolyn Kavanagh

-“Chase the Button”: ($350+ !)........................................... Steve Smith

Respectfully submitted, Sue Crooks   Bahamas Co-Chair/ President Board of Directors

Competitive Player Profile: Brent MacDougall

By: Jocelyn Adams, Communications Chair, 2015-2016 Board of Directors

Position: Skip
Throws: Right
Current Team: Team MacDougall (Rob Moore, Kris Granchelli, Kevin Ouellette), also Mixed Doubles and Mixed
Years Curled: 27
Hometown: Sydney, Nova Scotia
Curling Highlight(s): 2013 NS Curling Association Men's Player of the Year, 2-time NS
Mixed Curling Champion, 2013 Canadian Mixed National (Finalist), 2013 Most Sportsmanlike
Awards and 2013 All-Star Skip at Mixed Nationals, 3-time Canada Post National Curling

Q & A

Mayflower: How did you first become interested in the sport?
Brent: Through work at Canada Post. Work had a league and I was asked to play.

Mayflower: When did you know you wanted to play at an elite level?
Brent: After my first game I realized how difficult a sport it was and was immediately challenged and wanted to be the best that I could be.

Mayflower: Who has been the most influential in your curling career?
Brent: Diz McNeil from Sydney, NS. At that time he was the best curler in Cape Breton.

Mayflower: What curler inspired you the most growing up?
Brent: Ed Werenich

Mayflower: Prior to provincials, what spiels did your team enter this past fall?
Brent: Lakeshore, New Glasgow Sobeys, Gatineau Doubletree bonspiel, Dave Jones Mayflower
Classic, Windsor Spitfire Cashspiel, Jimmy Sullivan Classic (Saint John, NB),

Mayflower: Any particular highlights?
Brent: Yes, we won the Lakeshore Cashspiel, and in the Gatineau Cashspiel we beat Team Canada (Pat Simmonds) on last rock. Made it to the men's final eight for provincials.

Mayflower: What is your goal for the upcoming curling season?
Brent: To win a Cashspiel and qualify for men's provincials again, and ultimately go the 'big show' (the brier!)

Competitive Player Profile: Jill Brothers | January 2016

: Skip
Throws: Right
Current Team: Team Brothers
Years Curled: 23
Hometown: Liverpool now Halifax, Nova Scotia
Curling Highlights: Canadian Jr Champion, World Silver Medalist, Canadian Mixed Champion, 2 time Scotties Provincial Champion

Jill Brothers (top left), Sarah Murphy (mate), Bliss Joyce (second), Terri Udle (lead), Jennifer Brince (fifth)

Mayflower: How did you first become interested in the sport?
My older sister started playing so naturally I had to be just like her

Mayflower:When did you know you wanted to play at an elite level?
At 13 I reached the final four in the provincial play-downs and since then I’ve been going after the provincial title every year.

Mayflower: Who has been the most influential in your curling career?
It has to be my Mom. She didn’t know a thing about curling when we started playing but thanks to her dedication, I’ve been able to travel the world to compete and accomplish my goals.

Mayflower: What curler inspired you the most growing up?
There hasn’t been one specific curler that has inspired me, more like a combination. At my first junior nationals Suzanne Birt (PEI) and Brad Gushue (NL) won the titles making me realize that maybe it wasn’t impossible for me to win. Meredith Doyle (NS) had also won just a few years before that. Seeing east coast curlers doing well inspired me!

Mayflower: Where did we see your team this fall?
Dave Jones Classic (Mayflower), Lady Monctonain (Moncton), Appleton Cashspiel (Lakeshore), Sobeys Classic (New Glasgow)

Mayflower: What is your goal for the 2015-2016 curling season?
Win the Nova Scotia Provincial Scotties and surpass my other records at the national championship.

Submitted by,
Jocelyn Adams,
Communications Chair, 2015-2016 Board of Directors

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