By Jim Kavanaugh, Mayflower Member

The inaugural 2015/2016 season of the Monday/Wednesday morning curling league has come to a close and by most accounts it was a great success. The Monday morning games provided an opportunity for some teams to compete in competitive, skilled play and others to teams to curl in a more social atmosphere. The Wednesday morning games saw men and women curlers playing in a fun, social semi-competitive environment. This same general format is planned for next season, along with some league enhancements that will hopefully retain existing members and attract new players.

Many of the improvements will be achieved through the efforts of a larger organizing committee which is committed to making the league an even greater success. One key improvement will be the introduction of a formal system of scoring which will provide members with week to week “team points” updates, communicated via Email. Other plans include organizing clinics to improve the skill level of new and current members.

League improvements “off-the-ice” include better bar and food service arrangements and the introduction of a “buddy system” to improve the way new members are introduced to the league and the Club.

The morning curling league strives to accommodate everyone. Committee efforts are now underway to promote the social and recreational benefits of curling (and our league in particular) to local and area residents - with a focus on community based clubs and organizations. With the curling schedule spilt into two sessions, Christmas being the halfway mark, snow birds can participate in the league until the end of December and then head south. Other league members who still work fulltime, but have flexibility in their work hours, also find time to play in the league on one or both mornings.

If physical mobility is an issue – no worries. An ever increasing number of our curlers now use a curling stick, allowing them to continue to play the sport they love for many years into their retirement. Next season, depending on the participation level, the organizing committee is considering establishing a separate stick curling league on Monday and/or Wednesday afternoons.

So please pass the word around this summer. Encourage your spouse, partner, significant other, friends, neighbors, whomever, to come out next fall and give our league a try. If all goes as planned, we’ll provide those who join with an enjoyable season of curling. It’s a league suited to whatever the curler desires - be it skilled competition or just a social morning outing with curling friends.

Watch for further promotion of this league in September. More details and contact information will be provided at that time!

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