By: Jocelyn Adams, 2016-17 Communications Chair

Short Bio:

Name: Gail (Fox) Hayes

Position: Second/Skip

Throws: Right

Current Teams: Masters Provincial Team (Skip Marg Cutcliffe) and Competitive Club Team (Skip Gail Hayes) for Travellers Club Championship Play

Years Curled: Since Grade 7

Hometown: Born and raised in Lunenburg, NS (currently resides in Halifax)

Curling Highlight(s): Winning Provincial School Girls Championship 1970, winning silver in Provincial STOH (PEI) – 1990, Winning Dominion/Travellers Club Championship (2009, 2010 and 2014) representing Mayflower Curling Club, Canadian Masters Finals winning silver medal 2016.

Mayflower Interview Gail:

  1. MCC: How did you first become interested in the sport?

    Gail: My parents curled and the sport was offered at the Lunenburg Curling club for school players. I had to choose between basketball and curling. And then figure skating! I guess I developed a passion for the game early and had to make choices. I believe they were the right choices.

  2. MCC: When did you know you wanted to play at an elite level?

    Gail: From the beginning. Our school girls team lost against Trish Glintz from Truro for the CWG. That made us work hard to improve. Over the years, the passion has grown and being close to winning Provincials a few times (Mixed and Scotties) keeps one striving to do better. Now at a Seniors and Masters level the passion is still there.

  3. MCC: Who has been the most influential in your curling career?

    Gail: My parents and my coach in School (Dougald Burke). He was my mentor for 3 years and in fact he proposed the toast to the bride (me) at my wedding. Along with Mr. Burke my parents for sure. And now my husband and 3 children and my grandson.

  4. MCC: What curler inspired you the most growing up?

    Gail: My idol in high school was Jack Macduff (Canadian Brier Champ, 1976 NFLD). On a national inspiration side, Ron Northcott and Don Duguid, Marg Mitchell, Linda Moore and later years Sandra Schmirler were great inspirations.

  5. MCC: What was your highlight this past season?

    Gail: For sure, winning Provincial Masters, Maritime Masters and Playing for Gold in the 2016 Canadian Masters Championship Game.

  6. MCC: What is your goal for the 2016-2017 curling season?

    Gail: To continue to play at the Masters level, Competitive/Travellers level and to coach my grandson Jack (U15 boys and U15 mixed teams). I will continue to support the Mayflower Curling Club, as a life member the club means everything to me to continue to provide a recreational/competitive/social club.

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