By: Scott Moulton, 2016-17 Property and Ice Chairman

From a Property and Ice perspective it has been an active month at our club tending to all the items required to keep the club in tip top shape. Below are just some of the activities that have taken place:

The club invested additional resources to prepare one sheet of ice to be as close to 'Brier Conditions' for Team Murphy (leading up to the 2016 Brier). Team Murphy was very appreciative of the efforts of the club on their behalf.

Jordan Pinder from Team Murphy produced '2015-2016 Headshots' of the Mayflower Board Members that are currently being displayed in the downstairs lounge opposite the front desk. Thank you Jordan.

Kris Granchelli has graciously agreed to become Bar Director. His previous experience will be a valuable asset when managing the operations of our Bar Services. He is already busy reviewing items such: pricing formulas, inventory, bar set up, staffing, stock ordering process, event planning etc. Thank you Kris.

The Mayflower Curling Club now has an “Event Rental Agreement”. Members and non-members that wish to rent our club for an event or activity will have a set of guidelines that outline the responsibilities of the Club Renter and the Club Management.

Entry Security System – We are investigating the possible implementation of an entry security system. There have been a few instances of unwelcome visitors.

Interior Design Recommendations Proposal – Marina Atwell, Velocity Entertainment provided a proposal for eight areas of improvement to upgrade club to better facilitate events at our club.

CIMCO Refrigeration has once again been contracted to provide Annual Maintenance for our Plant Equipment and for our two Ice Shed Dehumidifiers. We have also had a CIMCO Technician top up the brine for refrigeration system and install a replacement ¾” float valve for water cooling tank.

Super League – We are working with our own Jamie Danbrook to investigate and determine the best approach for preparing the ice surface for the proposed Super League for the upcoming season. We want to offer the finest quality ice in order to attract the best curlers in the province back to our club.

Shuffleboard Table – Donated by past member Helen Wallace. It has been placed in the Bar area of the club. A plaque is to be placed on table indicating the wonderful donation. Please enjoy the use of the table as well as the other amenities that the Bar has to offer.

ATM – “Direct Cash ATM” - installed ATM machine in the Bar area of the club. No cost to the club. Service Charge to ATM user = $2.50 per use.

Already a number of events have been booked for the Summer month which bodes well for keeping our club active in the off season.

The shutdown of the Ice Plant and removal of the ice took place the week of April 25.

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